Weddings & event space

It would be our pleasure to help you

plan and schedule a wedding or

special occasion event at

St. Luke's Church.

Weddings & Special Occasions

St. Luke's sanctuary is stunningly beautiful and makes for a glorious wedding. 

At St. Luke’s we believe that marriage is a lifelong, spiritual commitment — intended by God for the mutual joy of God’s creation whether it is between a man and a woman or a same-sex couple.  

To help you with the planning of your wedding, please view our detailed Wedding Information Booklet. We will happily host weddings for non-church members who want to be married in the Episcopal church by one of our clergy. Should you have additional questions, please contact our wedding coordinator, Birgit Jacobsen, @ or by phone at 1-415-673-7327. She is happy is to show off our magnificent church.

Birgit can also help with inquiries about having a reception or meeting in our parish hall.